UTEFR provides first aid coverage for events in the UTSG community throughout the year. All Response Team members are at minimum Standard First Aid certified and have their skills reassessed annually in addition to regular training sessions to ensure a high quality of service. They patrol under the supervision of a Supervisory Responder who is Emergency First Responder / Medical First Responder certified. Our services are provided to campus organizations usually at no cost.

To request our first aid services, please visit utefr.ca/request.

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First Aid Workshops: First aid is fun and useful! New to first aid? That’s fine! Experienced or certified in first aid? Perfect! Everyone is welcome to our biweekly training workshops. Novices can get introduced to first aid subjects, while experienced individuals can keep their knowledge and skills fresh throughout the year. It’s a great way to learn about the human body!

Response Team: Standard First Aid certified members can also join our Response Team. Our Response Team provides first aid support for campus events including frosh, formals, sporting and charitable events, convocation and more! Responders must pass and annual skills assessment and attend the biweekly training workshops.

Free first aid workshops? Check.

Practice first aid and keep my UTSG campus safe? Check.

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We welcome all students regardless of first aid experience, and all are welcome to our biweekly training workshops. To become a responder, you must be certified in Standard First Aid or higher, and pass a skills assessment test. Responders are required to attend the biweekly training workshops.

University of Toronto Emergency First Responders