STOP Security Plates

“Thieves won’t steal what they can’t sell. Remove the incentive to steal equipment by removing its resale value. Metal plates, barcodes, and warning tattoos all tell thieves to move along.”

STOP Security Plates work by deterring opportunistic theft. The patented system is a metal warning and security plate that affixes to equipment using Very High Bond (VHB™) adhesive. They clearly mark your equipment as an obvious liability for any would-be thief. Extremely difficult to remove, STOP Security Plates provide clear warning that your machine is registered and monitored.

STOP Security Plates include the protection of a chemically-bonded tattoo beneath, stating “Stolen Property”, and high-visibility stickers to deter casual “walk-away” theft.Your ability to legally transfer your equipment is unhindered, but if it is ever stolen, the prominent display of the plate or the tattoo completely eliminates illicit resale value. Even a determined thief cannot remove this tattoo and its presence is impossible to explain to potential purchasers.

How it Works

For sale at the Campus Police office. $20/plate or $15/plate when you buy 10 or more.