Reporting an Incident

What is a 9-1-1 emergency?

It is any situation requiring immediate police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property. Call 911 or from an internal phone line dial 9-911 to report serious incidents such:

Any life threatening situation
A fire
A serious injury or illness such as suspected heart attack, someone choking breathing difficulties, unconsciousness
A situation involving weapons
A drowning
An uncontrolled chemical spill
Serious motor vehicle collisions

To ensure prompt service, after calling 911 contact Campus Police at 416-978-2222

Campus Police are the responsible for policing the St. George Campus and provide services supported by the Toronto Police and provincial and federal police agencies.

To report Urgent matters dial 416-978-2222 (8-2222 from 978 or 946 exchanges)

Suspicious persons
An assault or immediate danger of assault including persons fighting
Sexual Assault (Toronto Police is also an option)
Excessive noise from a loud party
Minor motor vehicle collisions and disabled vehicles
Theft in progress
Suspicious activity or packages

To contact the Campus Police Communication Centre for any other matters dial 416-978-2323 (8-2323 from 978 or 946 exchanges)

To speak with an officer
To report less serious crimes where immediate response is not required
By-law complaints
For advice or information on any of the programs we offer
Report a crime that is not in progress and does not require an immediate response to preserve life or property
Report missing property