The University of Toronto Police organization has been an institution on the St. George campus since 1904. During that time, the organization has necessarily evolved to provide services that address the changing needs of the University. Training has also evolved to facilitate our new role in the community. The inclusion of training modules that support the academic mission recognizes our support role to the University mission.

1904 – 1990: Campus police maintained a traditional policing model – conducting random patrols and reacting to calls for service.
1991 – Community policing was adopted by the Campus Police, promoting a new service delivery model which focuses on meeting the needs of the community and places a greater importance on crime prevention through proactive means.
Since 1991 – Campus Police has improved it level of service and continues to take on new and challenging roles within the University of Toronto community.
2002 – Campus Police became the first Ontario (Police) Special Constable Service to be recognized as a Customer Service Excellence Organization.